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Let's Eat In, Personal Chef Service

Chef Shirley Munn, Owner

Serving Jacksonville, Florida

"Like having your own private chef."


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Let's Eat IN! Personal Chef Service

Chef Shirley Munn


About Chef Shirley

After 20 years in the healthcare industry, and with a lifelong interest in cooking, I made a major career change and decided to indulge my passion.  I became a licensed Personal Chef, and “Let’s Eat IN!” was born!   Making others happy with my meals, makes me happy, so everyone wins.  Someone once said, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”.  It’s so true!    I’m doing what I love, and meeting wonderful people in the process.


I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and professional business person.   After years of cooking for family, friends, church events, and coordinating large corporate dinner functions, I now want to cook for YOU!  Perhaps my “need to feed” stems from my Italian heritage.  It’s all about food, family, and fun!


As a fully-insured, licensed Personal Chef, I practice safe food-handling.  I pride myself on  purchasing only quality seafood, meats and produce for your table.  It’s not uncommon for me to visit three different grocery stores in one day in search of the freshest and best ingredients.   I gain invaluable knowledge through networking with other skilled colleagues who are “foodies” like me.  My credentials are solid, and my clients are happy.


I’d be privileged if “Let’s Eat IN!” were the first thought that comes to mind when you need help with meal preparation.   Exchange the stress of “what to cook” for the peace of mind in knowing you already have the convenience of a nutritious meal waiting for you to just heat and eat. 


“Let’s Eat IN!” can be your ticket to a less stressful life, more creative healthy meals for your family, and some new-found free time for yourself.


Chef Shirley Munn



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